Friday, July 19, 2013

our littlest :: eight months

ah im THIS close to bailing out on writing about his developmental progress. for one, i am soooo behind (almost 2 months) and seriously who else, other than our mothers, care that much about how blake is progressing, right? 

but then i have such a lovely time reading about him as a scrawy little stick.. so im going to suck it up and keep going for a few months more. 

"what ma? you don't wanna write about me?"
at eight months, this silly munchkin is a bundle of energy. he is squirmy from the second he wakes up till the moment he is konked out in bed! and since he started crawling, he has been such trouble. he now know what are the major "no-no"s (the fan, the electric cables, the toilet and nomming on balls in the indoor playgyms) so right before he does all of the above... he turns back and sees if im watching him. such a cheeky puss!!

unsurprisingly enough, this guy is loud... he's found his voice and babbles all day long. its hilarious!! and when he gets really excited (usually by food, musashi or balloons..) he squeals like a teenage girl. highly embarrassing when we're out but who are we to rain on his parade, right? because of his greediness and his new-found voice, its hard work taking him out on lunch dates. he demands to be fed from the dining table and would pitch a fit if we take too long to "clean" up the food..

his little personality is the funniest thing! he is still the little happiest jellybelly. he is still happy to be held by strangers, waves and giggles generously at whoever gives him attention which is fabulous when i need to shop!! but phwoar.. he has the most dramatic meltdowns when he's not in the mood. that day, we were cycling around in his bicycle when someone random coughed. cue big fat tears... drama king, much? 

also, he has been waking up earlier these days. my mother in law is in town and is roomies with him. she's reports that he wakes up, then squeals to wake her up and they have a loveliest conversations until we come to retrieve him in the morning at 7am! how naughty!! maybe its time to cut down his daytime naps (which btw is the bane of my existence.. gah!)

meal time is still his favorite time of the day!! he gulps everything up like a little bird. other than his basic mealtime puree/mash/congee... we sneak him bit of table fruit and different tastes. like his papa and mama, no fan of the durian but i didn't stop him from lapping it all up!! what a greedy fella! but i guess as long as he is growing well and enjoying his food, we're going to let him be!

the best part about growing up is that he doesn't need naps as often as he used to! so we've been on such glorious excursions and walks this month! we've covered most of botanic gardens, explored different parts of the city, went on bubble-tea runs around town and his grandparents take him to find the BEST playground in the neighbourhood, which im told is any playground with little birds around!! fair call, mister!

happy number eight, my sugar dumpling... 
its so nice to see the world through your little eyes!!


  1. oh bubble tea, i love it! what's your fav?

    1. plain green tea, zero percent with big pearl!!!


  2. Awwwwww can we have a video of him babbling? I still remember the one you posted of him trying to sing! Too cute! xD

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and you have the cutest family (and great style, too)! Your little Blake is just beautiful!


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