Thursday, July 11, 2013

loves:: little stacking rings

in the last few weeks, i've allowed blake to break two of my favorite necklaces. im not blaming him because he doesn't know better but i should! he has a habit of playing with my necklaces while nursing. and as the days go by, he got stronger and broke my first necklace. and you'd think that was a good reminder to not wear a necklace.. but no... i started wearing my other favorite one. and as you might imagine, blake was all "challenge accepted" and broke it by the end of 3 feeds!!

so silly!! 

so, i will not wear necklaces until im done nursing him ... 
which is in about three months time!
*does a jiggley dance*
... and no, hopefully we're not referring to my abused boobs

since i cant wear necklaces.. i started looking at getting some rings!
and fell in love with these from catbird nyc!

aren't they adorable and so delicate? i was thinking to get a few to stack..
maybe a "D *hearts* Z" or "&" or "adore"...
or "xoxo"?

what do you think?



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