Wednesday, July 10, 2013

la sal @ casa del mar, langkawi

most of the time when traveling with young kids you find yourself eating at odd hours, or in "family friendly" restaurant (typically messy or fast foody) or eating our of a takeout box! if this is not true in your family, please tell me how you do it!

but we decided to go to a nice restaurant on one of the evenings and did our due dilligence! along the stretch of beach we were on, la sal @ casa del mar was the most well regarded on tripadvisor so we hopped into a cab and rocked up way early!! it wasn't hard to see why they stood out from other places...

the restaurant was set at the edge of the hotel on beautiful fine white sand and candle-lit under beautiful palm trees with the beach as a stunning backdrop... it was breezy and didn't get attacked by insects!

from the minute we sat down, the service was impeccable. they started our meal with a minty chilled towel! it was soooooo nice!! but i felt like what made our day was that the servers whisked blake off the minute we sat down! they took him for a walk on the beach, to say hey to other guests, around the bar.. he was feeling rather chuffed from all the attention and had no problems being passed from arm to arm!! 

we were SO thrilled it was like striking lottery! :) 

the food was nice and very well portioned!! and the cocktails were lovely! and for once in the trip we could actually have proper conversation with our friends!! when blake came back to our table eventually, in time for mains, he settled very easily because he was famished! he slurped his food in seconds and took little nibbles of cod-fish... it was the perfect meal!

 we even got to dessert. which is unheard of!! 

while waiting for our warm chocolate pudding to arrive, we plonked him onto their deck chairs for him to have a roll around! he was so pleased and sweaty from all that activity that he settled for bedtime rather easily after!! 

when the dinner crowd started streaming in, we were almost done and packing up our gear! 
so the timing was perfect!! i would have been happy to dine there every meal cos im boring like that but what a winner!! :)



  1. oh wow, small world - that's my gd friend Chung's sister! Met her at his girl's 2 mth old party just last week and I was impressed that her baby girl has teeth already!

    lovely pictures!

  2. ooooo small world! :) aren't the two little girls so cute together??

    and ya! those little teeth are so cute! we are jealous!


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