Tuesday, July 23, 2013

developing rituals and routines...

we love our routines and always indulge in the fond memories of sleeping in till past noon, bringing muu for brunches by the river, spontaneously breezing through the day without plans.. of course, pre baby! ah those were the days..

but instead of crying over spilt milk, we decided that we needed new family routines like pancakes on weekends and sunday school with his popo. something manageable and enjoyable for everyone.. and i think we've found a new one!

every sunday evening, after we wake up from our afternoon nap, we strap everyone in and hop onto our bicycles to pick up bubble tea. sounds awfully simple, doesn't it? but oh the joy of the breeze in our hair, stretching our limbs a bit, blowing raspberries at traffic lights (yes we're THAT breed of sickeningly irritating parents!!) and exploring a new part of town together. we even clipped in muu's basket so we can bring muu along next time!

this week, we hung out with the cool (and awfully young) kids at scape. we tried skate board things, looked at customized tees (thinking to print "team blake" ones.. just so we can be irritating AND cheesy!) and bought cheap phone covers! and tried not to feel a century old..

when we got home, we did bedtime at our own leisurely pace with tonnes of cuddles and had a lovely homecooked meal while discussing our plans for the week ahead. just the perfect way to start and end our week.


i fondly remember our daily rituals as children. i recall how mum lovingly wakes us up each morning, starts our day with piping hot milo, shuffling us into the car, practising our math times-table during our morning school runs. and while it didn't make me more excited about waking up at 6am, the predictability of her daily gestures made me feel secure and very loved.  

hope this grubby boy finds the same joy in our little family adventures!!



  1. You look so good babe, and thats such a cute family photo.

    1. aww thanks honey! im pretending not to notice that dang bald spot!!

      actually shouldn't blame blake for everything! i've always had a baldie there!! *sigh*


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