Thursday, June 20, 2013

today is...

golly! we've been dealt with a week of terrible terrible weather!!

we have been stuck at home with an energetic bubsie (and dog) with absolutely nothing to do! we've done it all, climb up the doggie steps, roll around the floor, bang every drinkie cup, squeeze in every cardboard box, tip all of the laundry out of the basket. check check and check!!

fingers crossed the haze clears up soon!

any ideas for indoor play with a baby? 
cos he's driving me (& muu) nuts!!


  1. Baby painting (diapers and large mahjong paper), followed by tub-time!

  2. Buy a baby tub if you don't have a bath tub xx ondeonde

  3. Thanks so much for sharing my weather chart! :)


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