Friday, June 21, 2013

the littlest :: seven months

hello squirmy bums!

our little bubba here is cruising his way to toddlerhood! when he has his mind set on something, it takes him SECONDS to get there! we can no longer leave him unattended because he is always up to some a lot of mischief. the less baby-friendly something is, the more attractive it is to him! we've started to teach him how to get off the bed bum first but sometimes he forgets and tried to jump off! this kid has zero fear!! im afraid the mummy nagginess has set in... i find myself using "no no" so often! everything is a "no- no"! how negative, right?

his little personality is coming through in a BIG way! he is such a funny child. he shows joy and excitement in such a generous way. his energy is infectious.. he is a lot of fun to be around.... when he is in a good mood. because on the flip side, he also shows displeasure very clearly. mostly when he is grumpy or warm, his yelps sends me running out of restaurants in a heartbeat. its fun now that he is awake for a longer period of time so we don't need to go scrambling around to nurse or nap him as often! we've also chilled out a bit more about letting him nap on the go. 

meal time is still such a joy! we started making meals for him introducing herbs and spices. and also introducing different tastes to him. instead of a huge stack of mashy purees, he has his entree and a "dessert" of fruit. we've also heard stories of babies who are inclined to a particular cuisine so we are conscious that his food is inspired by a mix of western and asian cuisine. im not sure he appreciates our well-thought of meals because from what i can tell he is all "HMMMM FOOOD!!! IN MY TUMMEHHHH!!!" it still makes me laugh watching his down his food like a little hungry bird.  

this month's major milestone is sleepovers at his popo's house (my parents' home). we started dropping him off to spend one night without our supervision. it was another one of my well-hatched multiple step plans but the day rolled by and he went to bed right on the dot, without fuss.. i, on the other hand, was a little heartbroken. but my parents are fabulous with blake and each morning, they take him to a different park and comes home with the most fantastic stories and pictures!! i love it that they get to spend time together in their own way and its priceless to see blake kick his legs in excitement when he spots his grandparents in the crowd.

oh little one, i wished you knew what joy you bring people!
we hope that little light in you stays for life! 

{all pictures from my dad!}



  1. He is growing up so fast!!! And in that second picture really looks like your brother!!! It's time to sign up for Julia Gabriel classes my dear! We have eager teachers waiting to chomp on his cheeks!

    1. he does look like yew teng huh? :) i like that cos i don't get to see him as much as i like!!

      i'd love to send him for classes but gonna have to hold off classes at the moment. tell you more in person! :)


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