Thursday, June 13, 2013

happy full month, twonny boo!

i have some fun pictures that daniel took from our friends' party! 

baby blake wasted no time in taking over twonny's throne!! we tossed him in there, gave him a balloon and didn't hear from him for the rest of the arvo. 
(he's wearing his popo's outfit from here! and we got orders for the same romper! yayy!) 

us and the "birthday" boy, twonny!

baby blake is very intrigued by all the beautiful ladies surrounding him..

it was such a nice day to be out so we headed out for a quick catch up at spruce at the old fire stations, which by the way is way nicer than the one at tanglin.. the tanglin branch is just so crazy packed that the service ends up being a bit patchy. but this one was nice and airy! which we really appreciate with a baby in tow!

snooze-y byes peeps...

an extra shoutout to his little mate, twonny!
we're so so proud of you and welcome to the family, love!



  1. HAHAHA sucha cooling romper! a bright eyed boy!

    1. isn't it? but the minute we rocked up at the party, our friends pointed out that he was having a nipslip! oooops!


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