Tuesday, June 4, 2013

an unexpected little gem :: chendol melaka

whenever i visit my grandma, i getta try the yummy cuisine in the east! i used to go to school in the hood so i know how many awesome restaurants are available there but its so out of the way so we hardly get a chance to try! (super jealous of you people living in the east!!)

this week, dad dropped me at a random nondescript coffeeshop to "tapow" (takeaway) lunch. i picked fishball noodles (which was reeeally yums! but super long wait) and couldn't resist picking up a few sweet treats from "chendol melaka". they were super popular with tonnes of people taking away! i didn't get any pictures of the kuehs but i loved them! their chendol is really amazing! 

i bought a little surprise home for daniel! he is such a pineapple connoisseur that the ONLY tarts he eats are the ones handmade by my aunt. but she only makes them over chinese new year so its a long and hard wait. its kinda my thing to buy pineapple tarts, have him try one and declare he hates them. but this one he actually likes!! yayyyy!!!

the boss lady is also very sweet! she is so passionate about her food she takes time to explain and chats with her customers! i overheard her saying that if you want to order any of her food in advance for a party, all you need to do is give her a buzz! with a twinkle in her eye, she also warns all the customers about her "VERY POWER!!" belachan. im going to have to bring my mother in law back to give their food a go!

jeepers im hungry just thinking of all that yummy coconuttiness... 

place :: soy eu tua coffee shop, 15 upper east coast road
shop :: chendol melaka
price :: $


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