Friday, June 14, 2013

a wander down memory lane...

earlier this week, i enjoyed a lovely afternoon wandering around haji lane with a girlfriend.
the craft geek in us chose to meet up in our old haunt - kin soon! if you love crafty pretty things, do pay them a visit! the store doesn't look amazing from the outside but i promise you a treasure trove of gorgeous trims and ribbons!! we used to spend hours there...

i was after some signature ribbons for the little boy.
(so he can gift his little friends color coordinated pressies!!)
we indulged in a good half hour wandering up and down the aisle, mixing and matching and dreaming up combinations to work with..

nothing screams blake like a bit of silver glittery ribbon & pink grosgrain, right? ;)
its a good thing he can't use his words yet!

hope you enjoy a sparkley weekend!!
(and happy fathers' day, dad!!)

p.s. if you need to know, daniel's signature ribbon is a black grosgrain with neat white trims! :)



  1. I have the same banner one! =)

  2. Oh those ribbons, and sparkles shops are to die for! Can't wait to see ya magical spells working!

    1. im just using them for pressies and for blake related crafts! nothing blog (or scream) worthy! :)

      i've scaled back a whole lot on the crafting front.. sad sad sad...


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