Friday, June 7, 2013

a few linkies i love this week...

hello friday! 

im feeling completely on top of my game this week! with an extra pair of hands on board, motherhood has been so nice. we get to enjoy the nice bits, we giggled about the funny moments and sip iced coffee when the going gets tough. while blake's not the same dream child as he used to be (his naps are the bane of my existence!), im thankful that each time i ask myself "does he know that he is very loved?" im able to say YESSSSS... and that in my books is good enough for now.

here are a few things i love this week ::

obsessed with that pair of pumps (and the blog it came from - atlantic pacific!)

speaking of colors, im loving these homes & rooms!

i laughed when i read some of these parenting life hacks!

wouldn't this make a great "welcome baby!" gift?

lobster iphone case... so cute.

its my daddy's birthday today! we're pushing blake's bedtime back so he can be there to celebrate his gonggong's birthday so im a little nervous. to my incredible daddy who so generously loves my little family as much as his own, you're a freakin' amazing dad! and we love you tonnes!

hope y'all have a lovely weekend! 



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