Friday, May 17, 2013

woah! its friday...

yippee!! we're one day closer to the weekend and im one day closer to freedom! my mother in law is coming to town again!! while that spells trouble for most people, to me.. that's even more awesome than a vacation!! it makes me wanna scream... whoopiedoodadooooo!

(and i just did!)

we're going to celebrate our last week of baby-joined-to-our-hip going out with daniel's old co-workers! to think they used to drink and party together till the wee hours of the morning... we're hanging out at a "baby-friendly" place for weekend brunch with two noisy bubbas. how things have changed!

:: here are some linkies that have kept me suitably amused this week ::

how sweet is this customized doll gift for a bebe!
this daddy blog, the pregnant husband, is hilarious! (and so trueeee!!)

paris is always a good idea

intrigued by the coconut oil trend.

i love saturday.

this letter from a papa to his daughter is so sweet... 

what a cute idea for gift wrapping from good ole martha!!

have a good one, hons!

bisous! xx


  1. i am glad i have kept u amused hehe...

    speaking of coconut oil, have u tried argan oil? i have been using josie maran's argan cleasing oil, and the smell is just DIVINE! seriously!!!

    1. are you kidding!? your pictures are amazing!! :)

      do you use it on your face or hair?



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