Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the littlest :: six months

oopsie daisy.. we're a little tardy this month!! 
life's been a whirlwind with his little head of cheekiness.

oh baby, that look in your eyes..

this month saw our first vacation down under. we were ready for all sorts of drama but survived surprisingly well (and had a blast...) only to be caught unprepared by the weeks to follow filled with doctor visits, nebulizers, our dining table covered with meds and all the yucky sicky things i hope never to revisit. fortunately, bubba is a good sick kid. weird as that sounds, he is mostly cheery, naps lots and the funniest thing is.. he LOVES his meds. he slurps them up like they're the best thing ever! and grabs our hands for more!! such a greedy boy!

nothing much to update about meal-time. he is still inhaling his solids with gusto! we've started introducing more food into his repertoire but as far as we can tell, he is not fussed! he is also extremely curious when we're out dining and watches us chew with such enthusiasm! we sneak him a taste of adult food here and there and he LOVES it!

and we have a mover!! we really have to catch him on video one day but we're enjoying him so much we often forget! he's practicing his crawl every chance he gets, sometimes even in his sleep! and what he can't reach by crawling, he gets there with his inchworm squirms and champion rolls. its really the funniest thing to watch! we don't believe in coddling him so we let him crawl on our marble & hardwood floor.. you'd be surprised how babies learn! after a few bumps, he now places his head carefully down! but he moves at lightning speed and has a penchant for "no-no" things. so i think we'd have to tuck the cables, kitchen utensils and meds out of his reach soon.

we also welcomed a few little friends into the world! which makes him not the youngest kid on the block. yayyy! just the other night, i came home from visiting his newest pal, antwone. as i snuggled this gorgeous teeny tiny one week old baby, i suddenly missed baby blake! so i came right home and cradled blake close but he wouldn't have it! he thought it was a game, chuckled and threw his arms dramatically and did a massive archy backbend! *sigh* where has my cuddlemonster gone!!  

now, kick that bug in the butt and get better already! 



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