Monday, May 13, 2013

in perth :: a morning with vintage rolls royce...

with absolutely nothing on our itinerary, we thought we'd spend a whole lot of time walking around aimlessly! but little did we know, our family had already planned a whole full week worth of social events and parties for us! it was very amusing to be told the evening before what we were going to be doing! of course they were carefully planned to involve the bubsie! gotta love having family around.

one of the lovely mornings, we took a leisurely drive up to caversham house in swan valley! 
it was such a beautiful morning and for the first time in our lives, blake took a long snooze in the car seat!! this would have NEVER happened in singapore because the minute he makes a bit of noise, someone takes him out of the car-seat so this is a huge tick in that department! 

we rocked up to a fancy schmancy vintage rolls royce event...

it was shame that bubba's not into cars yet if not he'd have a field trip looking at those beauties (as with many other men of all ages!)

our uncle ray who is a fabulous musician..

he was absolutely mesmerized by the music. so we gave him a front row seat on the grass!! 
 he had a great time listening to the different sounds that came out of each instrument. i wonder if he'd be interested in music one day and if so, which instrument would he pick to learn!
would he be a pianist like mama or a violinist like papa? 

que sara, sara!



  1. That's one beautiful rolls royce! Sounds like you had a great time, I've yet to visit the Swan Valley but hope to one day.

    1. i feel like i've not covered ANYTHING! i'll have to go back again one day! xx


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