Tuesday, May 28, 2013

happy birthday, gerard!!

im so so behind!! blake was invited to gerard's birthday party back a month ago and we JUST sent out our thank you card *runs and hides* 
but better late than never, right... 

here are some pictures gerard's mama shared on facebook!
(and this is why you should always have a party photographer!)

the party was at gymboree harborfront center.. 
we've never been to a indoor gym prior to this so we were very excited to be there!! 

the difference of six months makes! 
poor bubba kept trying to keep up with the other kiddos! sooo out of his league! lol

baby bear's all "mum, you're cramping my style.." 

it was one of the most relaxed parties we've been to! the parents didn't have to do any running around and could focus on enjoying the party with their baby boy! minimal clean up and the gymboree staff were organized and kept up with the various kids scooting in all directions! 

and check out this birthday cake!!!

happy birthday, punkin' pie!
you're very very loved!! 



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