Friday, May 31, 2013

from the library :: this little bunny

we were at the central library earlier this week picking up book only to discover that their brand new children section is opening early june! yayy! a dedicated corner for little ones to read and roam. but on the downside, because they are in the middle of moving spaces so their kiddy books were in boxes!

we spotted a few returns and took whatever we could find!

a well loved ladybird touch and feel boardbook!

such an easy read...

cybil is blake's favorite bunny! he loves the burlap textures...

hello poppy!

blake's amma (daniel's mum) is a huge fan of the libraries. so she motivates us to go each week! and even though all bubba wants to do right now is flip the pages and chew on the books, she patiently put him on her lap and reads to him multiple times a day... what great influence!



  1. Oooow. I love the cute little chubby hands on the book!

    1. i think that's the only reason i share these library reads! heh!

      hope he stays chubby FOREVER! :)

  2. As a soon-to-be kindy teacher, I have to say, Daniel's mother is fostering such a good thing! Research is overwhelming - children who are read aloud to develop into better readers and have a wider vocabulary compared to children who weren't read to.

    Also, it has an effect on your little bub's numeracy skills too.

    One of many articles here:

    1. woohoo!!! :) i'll definitely let her know she's doing great!!

      i didn't know you're a kindy teacher! im going to need more tips from you!!! :)


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