Friday, May 24, 2013

diy :: welcome pack to singapore

i used to do such things! thoughtful care packages and little "i miss you" gestures..
and i miss doing it!!
(hah! i miss making 'i miss you' packages. gettit!?)

and when i heard that we have friends coming in town to visit,
i offered to whip up a little welcome box for them..
filled with little things i always appreciate after a long flight!!

guess what? it was all done in one morning and less than $20!!

love drink bottle label... 

i'll jump at any chance to use our monograms! :)

{a happy mess}

d came home and wanted to steal one of my carefully selected goodies (can't remember if it was the candy or the fan..) and i told him "no! its color coordinated!" haha..

but of course it is, honey... its me you're talking about!!
the next day, i sent d on his merry way to drop it off at their hotel before they check in! 

can't wait to catch up with our pals this weekend!
have an awesome long weekend! 



  1. How thoughtful and how very cute!

    1. hehe!! i wanted to put some vintage singaporean cookie but didn't get to the burbs to pick them up!!

  2. What very thoughtful and sweet of you. The pack looks great!

    1. do you do that when people visit from out of town?

  3. Hello Zhing...Aww, you know how I love your craft works..Those little things are just simply amazing! =D

    1. aww thanks hon! i miss my crafting!! those days of rolling in fabric and sequin! they'll have to come back SOON!!


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