Wednesday, May 1, 2013

chat chat chatterbox...

when i was little, i would get into trouble for being "vocal" in class.
all the time....

mum hated bumping into my teachers because they'd always tell her the same old thing "blah blah (not too bad a kid) blah... BUT very talkative/disruptive/one noisy chatterbox." so, there was once i got in trouble again.. and to break the awkward silence in the car, i fessed up... 
"mama, y'know its really not me! i don't want to be talkative. but my mouth keeps talking!!!"

it totally cracked mum up..
(and i think i didn't get a smacking that one time..)

i have this nagging feeling that this little man inherited my chatty genes....

p.s. i disclaim any association to his extreme drooliness.
must be his dad.



  1. OMG, that's hilarious! Imagine Blakie saying that to you?!

    My report cards/books are the same! They consistently say good, alright, helpful, blah blah... BUT talkative. Le sigh.

    1. i'd totally deserve it if he did! karma! :)

      hehe! i guess thats why we fit together! we're all a chatty breed! xx

  2. Hey Zhing! Just thought to drop a comment here to say hi! We met at Dr Tan's. I forgot to tell you my "computer name" (Corsage) as my daughter (the older one, not the one you saw) says it ;) It was nice bumping into you!


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