Thursday, May 23, 2013

a picnic with a view

on the last day of our vacation, our family took us to kings park memorial for a picnic.
the weather was stunning and little mister took a nap on the grass (super bonus!) 
they brought sandwiches and fruit and daniel bought us a huge box of hot chips!!

little mister was the center of attention as usual...

kings park memorial is the perfect spot for a picnic. the surround is serene and very well-kept and the best part is.. it overlooks the city and swan river so it was breezy and as you might imagine, the view is absolutely gorgeous! its a must-go in perth!!

and while we enjoyed the view and amazing weather, 
our rellies watched blake gum half a banana!

and have a go at a mandarin. 
hahaha... he was loving every second of the attention!

we're so grateful to have enjoyed such a lovely vacation 
and to be so well taken care of by our family!! we love them very dearly!

till next time, perth!!



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