Wednesday, April 10, 2013

we got our room back!!!

hello hello! :) 

it has been a week and figured this could be it! 
we have officially kicked blake out of them room!
(maybe in a bit, we can kick muu out too!!)

i know i sound like a terrible parent but this baby is loud when he's sleeping! so he wakes muu, he wakes us, muu wakes him and everyone is awake at 5am... not a good way to start the day. so we decided to tank him up with cuddles in the day and abandon him at night!! 

and he did SUPER! 

maybe he's too young to know the difference but we've set up our guest room to be his play area, converted d's office into his change table and the guest bed for his naps and feeds. and now, he is sleeping solo at nights!! we still have our baby monitor on to keep an eye on him but other than the occasional toss and turn, he transitioned swimmingly well!! nothing to report. but as usual, this is not about him. its always about me..

the first night we kicked him out. was the BEST NIGHT EVER!
we chatted (instead of whispered), we watched cartoons from our ipad together, we cuddled with muu, we flushed the toilet, we flipped the switch on the lights so many times it was like a disco. and i can't tell you how many times that night we exclaimed "woooah! THIS is life!!" and did happy snow angels on our beds dramatically!!

thing is.... i don't know why we didn't do it from the start! 
it was way better for everyone!
oh well.. the things you learn in life! 

p.s. please indulge in me because this victory will be short-lived. i know that babies go through phases and will start being crap sleepers. but till then, THIS is life!!!!! 

p.p.s. muu, you're up next!



  1. Hi!
    Been following you for a while, love the perky nature of your blog!
    Well, congrats!!! I have 2 boys and they both started sleeping in their own rooms from 8 and 6 months - really the best move ever :)
    Sure the phases will come, but don't falter! Both my boys are now 5 and 3, and they love having their own rooms.

    Way to go!!

    1. weeehee!! my favorite kind of comments! :) thanks for the encouragement! i can't wait till i can said "my son is THREE!!!"

      hugs to you gen! xx

  2. Replies
    1. i know right!? now you know our deepest (and grossest) secrets! *sigh*

  3. Wow! This is big!!! We r still trying to kick Kate out! :)

    1. we'll see if that lasts!! can't be celebrating too soon!

  4. I can do totally relate to the whispering bit!! My hubs has gone to the extent of showering in the guest bathroom instead in the one in our room at night. Well done Mummy and Blake!:))

    1. ME TOO!! i used to shower in guest bathroom it was so sad!!

  5. Good job Zhing! We moved Keagan out of our room when he was 5 months old & sleeping through the night. Now at 10 months old, he is still sleeping through and doing great. I'd rather get up and check on him in his room than having no freedom in our own room! We watch Iron Chef America and have late night suppers in our room without worrying waking him up. Best move ever!

    We've decided to move #2 to the same room once he can sleep through. And hopefully stick to it! :)

    1. fingers crossed!! its awesome to not have to tiptoe around a sleeping baby!

      how do you put #2 in the same room! wont someone wake someone up? tricky problem that one!

    2. Hahaha we'll cross that bridge when it comes to it. We kinda trained K to sleep with noise - we turned on the tv and lights in the living room once we brought him home from the hospital so he could get accustomed to it. He now sleeps thru occasional mahjong games at my in-laws'!

    3. am sure you guys will handle it like a breeze! :) good luck with your number two!!

      we also intentionally did that with b! his first night home, we had a huge party! lol! :)


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