Thursday, April 25, 2013

shiny ponies...

at the end of a drabby day, 
i like looking at happy things like these to perk me up! 

"shoes are like fairies... with that little magical piece that finishes everything..."

my stilettos and pumps have not been feeling the love recently.. but after watching this video
 i took some of them shiny ponies sitting at home out to twirl a little! never mind i look completely silly in my home shorts and daggy tee... 

have a twirly sparkley day! 

p.s. don't you love how passionately she talks about shoes?



  1. aiyoh. i miss my stilettos OHSOMUCHITHURTS.

  2. Ha, I just did that last night with my work shoes.
    How do you not get blisters on the back with these babies?

    1. heh! :) i have a theory! if its tall enough, you're almost on pointe so it doesn't cute your heel!!

      i also have this blister stick from footglide that i use whenever im breaking into a new shoe!


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