Monday, April 29, 2013

sarah jane lovin'....

one of the first (and only) outfit i got for blake is a little shirt from elly

i've been loving their clothes for a while but the girlie collection is always more fabulous than the boys (i think that's universally true for any brand... sigh!) but their use of sarah jane fabric tipped me over the edge! so even though it's still a few months too big and sitting in his wardrobe, i admire it ever so often! 

seriously check out these awesome art prints!! 

each time i think "ah hah! that's her BEST work ever!" she comes up with something more awesome... im so in awe!

so simple but so adorable! im trying to doll up the nursery with some prints and have a few too many in my shopping cart!
(debra, thought of your boys when i saw the print on top!)

hop on over to her blog and etsy store for more hand-drawn yummies!



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