Tuesday, April 23, 2013

letters from doggie :: thirty - nine

im writing from my grandma's house today which is the most awesome place on earth... firstly, my grampies are amazeballs! they take me on walks, treats and i spend a lot of time curled up in their laps and secondly.. STAIRS!!! they are SO MUCH FUN! you should see me and my little brother trying to climb the stairs and driving mum bananas trying to chase us around!

in other news, i've learnt a new trick! especially useful for doggies who feel a little unloved. to start, started limping on three legs. even if your parents massage your leg, keep limping. if you manage to keep it up for a week or so, they will take you on a car ride, look very worried and off to the doctors. the last bit... im not so crazy about but think about it!! 100 % attention for two whole hours. the vet won't give you jabs (cos there is absolutely nothing wrong with you!), they'll take a few pictures, chat a little and send you home with some vitamins (and a humongous bill!) 

after you come home, feel free to stop limping. 
or limp occasionally paired with sad eyes.

daddy love x 10000000!!

stay calm and limp on!



  1. Clever doggie! keep up with the limping tricks my dear. Lol

    1. he has been consistently keeping up with the trick! even when climbing steps! how difficult is that right?!

  2. Hhaha... Muu oh muu... what happened?!


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