Saturday, April 6, 2013

husbands that become daddies...

a while back, i was attending a wedding without the boys in tow! it was BLISS!! we were chatting and catching up and talking about everything under the sun but eventually ended up talking about babies again! 

the girlies started comparing husbands (after we were done comparing babies... cos we do that! hah! even with people that we love! its not to make anyone feel bad but y'know? we bond that way!) i made a mental list of things i was gonna bring up. like "man! daniel doesn't wear a shirt around the house so i can't take pictures to share on instagram." or like "y'know last week? when he worked from home? he was like REALLY working! didn't come swimming with us! pooper...". and then i learned that a girlfriend (sweet) husband has never changed a diaper. and another girlfriend (darling) husband has never ever given their bub a bath... 

and then i realize i have NOTHING to complain about. 

nada. absolutely nothing.

cos life's good. and in my books, he really the best dadda any baby could dream of. 

oh darling, i'd marry you all over again! 



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