Wednesday, April 17, 2013

from the library :: olivia

even though blake doesn't read yet, i started taking him to the library. 

i like building routines into our week! it helps the day go by faster and forces us to leave home instead of lying around in our jammies all day! as long as i remember, my mum used to take us to the library every week. we were allowed to borrow two fiction, one non-fiction and one chinese novel. she'd sit in the library with us quietly, occasionally reading to us and help us decide which one to borrow!! it felt like such an important decision back then and because of that, all three of us grew up to enjoy reading very much.

 i strap blake in his carrier and catch the bus to the library near home! it has a children library (which is under construction till may). when he makes little sounds, i shush him and tell him that we're in a library!! its kinda a little game and he has been pretty well-behaved so far! and i've managed to sneak in a few books of my own! yay!

inspired by inchmark, im going to share few of (his) books in future! 
this week, i picked out a kiddy classic!


i love the simple images, mostly black and white with pops of red.. 

my favorite bit is when olivia baked in a sun for a little too long!!
she is such a fiesty and fun girlie pig!

truth is, i am not even sure how much of the story he understands. nor is it a parenting race for him to recognize words sooner. i love having him in nestled my lap, and his grubby little fingers grabbing the pages and giggling endlessly at the funny voices i read to him. and its a little part of my day that i look forward to very much... 



  1. That's so adorable! I have been reading to little E lately but all he wants to do is eat the book... :)

    1. heheh!! blake too! :) i have a tonne of pictures of him chomping on the pages!

  2. awww cool beans! I need to start sharing the books I borrow to read to my kindy kids! will tag you when I do! :) xx


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