Friday, April 26, 2013

diy :: marathon / triathlon race flags

 i got some time to organize my old room this and found this memory box filled with raceflags!

back when i had more time on my hands, i used to go to every race (i still try!) and make a themed race flag that matches d's race outfit! we used to look forward to it. while he carbo loads, i would be always rushing to put the finishing touches on the flags!

this was my first trip to japan.. it was such a foreign and charming place! i spent the entire race shopping and missed his glorious finish. (he still reminds me till today!) but little did we know, he ran right past the home we would live in for two years! we stood right at our street with muu and blake (in tummy) to support the racers a few years later feeling like we totally belonged!

this flag i got organized when a wedding stationery vendor kindly offered to help me print them. and i stuck them on popsicle sticks so they doubled up as a fan!!

some of the earlier flags took on a 3-d form! i'd put a stick through that green bit at the bottom..
but it didn't have a "wave-wave" effect when he ran past! 

while he is an ok cyclist and runner.. he has never been keen on the swim. when he started swim training with his team mates, the trainer split them into teams.. so it went barracudas, flying fish ... and other slower fishes. d was so excited he was promoted to flying fish then! :) its so cute... but all the real men were in the barracuda pack!

this flag was just "meh"! but i saved the race tag because it had my name and on the relationship status, it said "FRIEND"! lmao. i was very obviously very cagey about our relationship at the start!
i also save the first race tag that says "fiancee" and "wife"! :)

our first race together in KL was a two part series!! i wore the little badge on the left and felt super proud! 

this is one of my favorites..

a nod to his favorite cartoon - futurama...

don't remember this race but obviously it was on his birthday!

we keep them all in individual ziplock bags with his race results! :)

i had so much fun looking at them... 
 each flag brings back such lovely (and sweaty) memories!!
maybe its time to get the race flag juices going again!!

have a lovely weekend!!



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    1. thanks paulo! i'll definitely pay your blog a visit!

  2. Wow, all your flags are so creative, it's amazing! *piles more crafty supplies on Z*

    1. hahah!! that was back when i had time!! can't wait to start working on the cuties you shared with me!! xx

  3. This is so cute! wow, he runs a lot and you are very creative! when blake race some day, you can reuse them! haha

    1. if he ever races one day, i hope to be able to make brand new ones!! ahhhh makes me squeal just thinking of it! heh!

  4. amazing!!!! So talented you :)

    next time you need to make 2... one for Blake and D.

    1. heh! :) i'll just use the first flag for everything...


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