Friday, April 19, 2013

california dreaming ....

one year ago, we were setting off from cold cold tokyo (it was spring but have a very low threshold of cold) on our easter vacation to hawaii and los angeles. i was just looking at our pictures and it seems like a whole lifetime ago! it was such a lovely point of our lives... *sigh* 

and our faces were so happy and glowy! i wouldn't trade what we have now for the world but sometimes the humdrum of everyday life does rob you of that little bit of positive energy, huh? 

i caught myself freakin' out this week because we ran out of biscuits in the house. urm. walk across the road and buy them in 5 mins, lady. seriously, right? and get this! do you know anyone else that tidies up the house before the cleaning lady arrives? gah!
i need to work on being less dramatic about the smallest thing. and trust that a messier home, a load of laundry undone and eating out because i couldn't get dinner organized is ok! 
it really is. 

last night, my sweet parents took blake for a little adventure. i swung by to cheer daniel on in a race. the gorgeous sunset, the lovely cityscape that i've taken for granted and some uninterrupted time with my love was a nice end to a mid-week day! we took a selfie. and we looked really happy.
and i found myself thinking "this is really such a lovely point of our lives." 
and it really is..

have a restful weekend!


  1. This is such a gorgeous post
    It really is

    Somehow it brought tears to my eyes
    It really did

    Keep going!

    Hwee Min

  2. You are not alone!
    I pack the house before the helper comes too! K thinks i'm mad.

    1. whahahahahah!! i guess thats why we're friends!! :)


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