Wednesday, March 20, 2013

exploring holland village...

if you gave us a choice, we'd NEVER leave our hood. we're such creatures of habit and once we find a favorite cafe, or a favorite chinese.. we'd always want to revisit the same spot. and order the same thing. and sit at the same seat! you get the drift! we're terribly unexciting like that... so when the opportunity arose to go to a new (to me) cafe for brunch, i jumped at it!

i wished i took more pictures of mu parlour because its so serene and beautiful on a lazy saturday morning...

doesn't it make you wanna curl up with a book and sip a coffee? 
such a luxury that i miss!

but it was a perfect location for our little nutcase to meet our friends! in fact, despite the potentially disastrous beginning... napped in the cab on our way, only to be rudely awaken by his stumbling mama and his stroller and then passed from hand to hand.. he did swimmingly well. and that in my world makes a PERFECT morning.. isn't it so sad that the success of my day depends on how well this little munchkin behaves..

but other than a few throw ups, a 30 second of soft whinging and a bucket of drool, which in my books is absolutely nothing *dusts off my shoulders*... he did ok!! and seriously have you met two other boys with better hair?! 

i couldn't have reviewed the food properly because by the time i got to it, it was slightly cold. but by no fault of the restaurant! at least i got to eat it in peace and got to catch up with my pals over a yummy strawberry milkshake served in the cutest mason jar!! all major ticks in my books! 

  the cafe was spacious, cosy and completely empty for most of our visit! he had all the space to drool, walk around and explore!  he even got to sit and lie around ON THE TABLE!! then people started milling in right about lunch time which was a relief because we were starting to worry for their business!! it'll be such a shame to see such a cute place go...

my lovely pals from a bazillion years ago! thanks for hearing me rattle on and on about sleep training.. im sure you guys must be SO interested in that topic! 

now go out and make some babies so we can line up some play-dates!!



  1. The picture of Boon and Blake is SOOOOOO..... adorable! =) the two of them are so cute together!! =)

    1. they are adorable and he is soooo good with blake! i might just take up his offer on babysitting blake one day! maybe when he's no longer a whingey bums!


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