Thursday, March 28, 2013

eats :: real food cafe

i think i've found my favorite place for the MONTH! except... im sure the husband would NEVER for meals there with me! for one, there isn't meat on the menu and no chip! ahhh!!! how dare they even call it food! heh! :) but my girlfriend took me there for lunch and a long chat and it was such a beautiful afternoon...

the place reminds me of muji cafe in japan. or one of the many healthy restaurants in jiyugaoka i used to frequent when i was a lady of leisure! :)

the brown rice set was simple and just like home-made meals! and i love how it came served on a platter. we also had healthy juices to go with our lunch! yums!

the place is lovely and quiet on weekday afternoons. their staff strength is rather lean but not impossible. we didn't have to wait too long for our food and at least they weren't hurrying us to leave after lunch so that was nice! so i'd definitely be back to give their breakfast menu a go!

p.s. a lil confession... i had a huge chunka banana cake with ice-cream to make up for the extra-healthy lunch! heh!

real food cafe
110 killiney road



  1. Yup, I love this place too! But the problem with having a Real Food meal is that I always end up eating really sinful stuff after, because I feel desserts are justified! :P

    1. hehe! :) someone should open a chocolate cafe next to them! defo make big bucks! :)


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