Wednesday, February 6, 2013

when you though i wasn't looking...

when blake was born, we received a card from his grandmother's friends. 
it was very sweet because all the ladies got together and wrote a little snippet of parenting advice for us. one of them wrote this little poem for us. one of them share a little joke. and they put a little bit of money towards his college fund. it was all very heartwarming... (p.s. my mother in law has fabulous friends. she's also as sweet and awesome as her pals!)

earlier this week, we were taking a long leisurely walk home with a sleeping blake past one of the many street buskers along orchard road. i was feeling particularly sentimental and grateful for what life's given us so i asked the husband if it was ok for me to turn back and give a little angpow for chinese new year. and ran back to drop a little something off and came running back to the boys. 

when i got back to them, daniel said "i turned blake around so he could see his mummy doing something nice. even though he's asleep but one day, he'll learn." and it made me all teary-eyed and made me wish i could have given more. or done better. 
one day, this little guy of ours will learn to do better than us 
but till then...
we'll keep trying harder.


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