Thursday, February 14, 2013

this is love...

happy valentine's day, lovebirds!
what fabulous plans do you have on this special day? our mummy flew in earlier this week so we actually might have a chance to pop out after bubba goes to bed! :) not sure if we can find enough energy to do very much but im sure we'll have fun either way!

a few days ago at the airport...
seeing this makes me tear up a little..  
amma is here!! :)

our littlest love..

p.s. muu was there welcoming amma too. but we had to hide him a little! 

hope you have a wonderful day with some many people that you love!
beeeeeeg hugs from us to you!



  1. Replies
    1. heheh! :) i wanted to make them limo driver hats but ran out of time!! oh well.. next time!

  2. that's so sweet. come on blakie, show some enthusiasm! hahaa.

    1. i know right!? he only perked up when his amma gave him cuddles (which i guess is the whole point!) :)

  3. too cyyuute! blake's grabbing that sign so well! :) i hope you guys have some fun plans this v-day!

    1. he grabs and shoves everything into his mouth a little too well!! :(

      we ran down the street to pick up cake and muffins and back to eat in our living room! booo... next year we'll do better!!

  4. Replies
    1. finally! :) i've been waiting (and talking) about this day for sooooo long! :)

  5. Those are the sweetest signs ever! (Which I guess you made?) I'm sure it made Amma tear up a little too.

  6. Replies
    1. best valentine's day! :) got to spend it with youuuuuu!! *hugs*


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