Friday, February 8, 2013

crafts :: felt speech bubble

when life gives you a long nap, sensible moms take a long nap. but if you're me, you'd think of some last-minute crackpot craft to work on!!

and yesterday, i thought ...
"hmmm we could really do with some felt speech bubbles!" 

what do you need speech bubbles for? well, they're cute for photobooth, cheerleading a race, receiving family at the airport or as silly props for everyday life! so totes useful right?? 

i decided to use felt for this craft because blake's at this stage where everything goes into his mouth! so if i made a paper speech bubble, give him 5 mins tops and it'll be all drooly and droopy!!
plus i love working with felt!! 

so hand-sketch (or trace from a printout) a speech bubble on the wrong side of the felt and cut two pieces. then cut little rectangles for alphabets. i like using this method because im not very accurate and will end up with odd shaped alphabets if i cut them out freehand! 

"snip snip.."

feel free to stitch the alphabets onto the speech bubble.
 but im lazy so i use my hot glue gun! 

then blanket stitch the entire speech bubble! a tip i learnt from my mama, i use regular thread but in 4-ply. it gives the craft a little 3-d effect! otherwise, use embroidery thread which is thicker!! 

fill with stuffing (i buy cheap pillows from ikea) and stick a straw into the botton! 
and we're done!

we're all ready for the weekend! fingers crossed the littles are in the mood for a photoshoot! 
have a lovely one peeps! 



  1. aww too cute! i have no idea what 4-ply thread means, but it really does make the hem look 3D! what are you guys going to use this for?! some fun event or photo shoot coming up?? :)

    1. oh. right.. i didn't know how to describe it better. but instead of using a single thread, you use 4 threads!!

      we were thinking of a photoshoot. but the weather was meh today.. so we'll try again tomorrow!!

  2. So cute!!! Can I order a speech bubble for Sparky? I'm not as crafty as you are. ;) Hehe

    1. hehe! such a compliment!! its really so basic im embarrassed to show it to you up close! :) but if you want one, im happy to make one for sparky!

  3. Cute idea! I was planning to make photo props for new year too but not such baby-friendly ones. Definitely useful for mummies with young babes.

    1. hahah! :) necessity is the mother of creativity!! i made him a paper sign once and slobbered on it in 10 seconds! bahhhhh...


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