Wednesday, January 30, 2013

girl talk :: underthings...

i've got something exciting to share today! 


its definitely not the sexiest of things but something i've been hmming and aahhhing about for a while and decided that if its a good thing, i gotta share! for the boys (and my dad!) here's your cue to not read the following ..

now that things are not what they were (i'll leave the details to your imagination), i've been wearing shaping undergarment a little more. also after the caesarian operation, the doctor recommended wearing a belly band for extra support but i found that bulky and uncomfortable so this was my compromise! 

i've tried a few popular brands (spanx, marks & spencer, maidenform, victoria secret's) but always find myself going back to bodywrap! i really like the regular collection but for daily wash and wear, i've started using body wrap lites. they are stocked in takashimaya starting from 89 dollars onwards. i most recently stocked up on them from freshpair with flat rate international shipping.

i like it that its comfy without boning & elastic non-slip strips and that it holds up well without bunching! i particularly like their thong version cos it looks a lot smoother from behind! so there you go!!



  1. hi been reading your blog for a while!
    u got a really cute boy there!

    btw, isnt it a hassle to go to the ladies in a body suit? i mean i agree w the benefits... but its really quite chilly to be in a body suit and u enter an airconditioned shopping mall's loo?

    1. it is quite a hassle! i don't wear their body suits on a regular basis, only their underpants(which is kinda like normal undies except with more tummy control)!

    2. agree! i do that too! btw, i also just have a 5 months baby. so totally understand the need for tummy control! :)

    3. hahaha im glad im not the only one! although, my husband's response to that won't be underwear. he'd say "start running!" hahaha... men! what do they know!!

  2. Hi Zhing, can I check your uk sizing and the size you bought for body wrap? the size chart is a little confusing! thanks :)

    1. i bought the tiniest size. i believe it's S or PS (sorry i removed my tags cos they were uncomfy so i can't tell you exactly!!) anyway i figured these things are meant to be TIGHT!! hehe


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