Friday, January 11, 2013

blake :: two months old

it has been two months since little blakie popped into our lives. 
and this little chubster is starting to round up!
(two months + three weeks! im late..)

my mother in law often asks us if blake is a happy baby and for the first month, we were concerned. because when awake, he'd swing from hungry to grumpy to sleepy in seconds. but this month, we officially conclude that he IS in fact a happy happy baby! he showers us with generous smiles, wiggles and giggles!

we also learnt a little more about each other... like how he still LOVES bath time and tummy time. and despite being a tiny fella, when he sets his mind to something, he is determined! he holds his neck high and has this huge proud grin. and when he wants something, he sure lets us (and everyone around) know. im also thankful that this sleepy bug is starting to make it through the night! we've enjoyed a few nights of gloriously long stretches of rest! im sure this will change but at this point, we will take whatever we can get! :)

personally, i also learned about being a mama. we braved through yucky mastitis and a whole tonne of boob-related issues but this little trooper seems to have an in-built radar. on the days i was feeling miserable, he charmed the socks off his grandparents so they were more than happy to take him off my hands so i could sleep the drugs off. this might sound completely bimbotic but i also learned that when babies rub their eyes, they are sleepy (doh! thanks, e!) so now im faster at reacting to his cues, put him into his nap position and he passes out like the wind! 

happy second month, buddy. i guess if you weren't out first (human) kid, we would have save a few tears last month, huh? but stick with us!! the best is yet to be! 

mami, papi & muumuu.



  2. He is so cute! I love his mohawk, my son's hair make him look like he has a receeding hairline >_<

    1. hahahhaa! :) i love your description! now im curious to see a picture of your son's hair!!

      this little mister is due for a haircut soon!


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