Thursday, January 24, 2013

baby essential :: part II

i was re-reading my list yesterday and it does sound like a lot, huh? i guess this baby thing really does take over your life, bank account & apartment! but my grandma always says she had 6 kids from absolutely nothing at all! so it can be done!!

:: bathing :: 

this is blakie's favorite bit of his day. little has changed since this picture above except he is now twice that size and kicks a lot more. but he still enjoys his bathtime with his papi and splish splashes around in our sink! we'd soon have to graduate to a bathtub but for how, its a lot easier on the back. we premptively bought a puj tub which we didn't use but its such a smart product!

bath toiletries :: we use johnson's top to toe wash. a classic!!

towels :: we have a few baby towels but our favorite is the simple and soft one that dries easily! i dont even think its specifically for babies! we received a cozydry woombie that daniel loves to zip blake into for post bathtime cuddle!! he looks super cute in it too!

:: on the go ::

stroller :: this one got us for the longest time. we loved the look of the stokke xplory but it was so heavy (and pricey) but sooo pretty! eventually, daniel called the shots and decided on the combi well comfort in black. it is inexpensive and super light (4.3kg) and i can handle it with one hand while carrying blake. where we stay, there are tonnes of escalators, stairs and people so i really appreciate the ease of navigation. we place a black towel under him in case of any oopsies.

baby carrier :: daniel called dibs on this one too. he sees himself carrying blake the most so he wanted one that worked for his body. after trying a few in isetan in japan (with a freakishly weird looking fake baby), we decided on the babybjorn air in black mesh. we've been using it since blake's a little baby and he loves being in it.

diaper bag :: we don't have a diaper bag but instead, i have a few things i keep in my purse when im out with blake! a travel changing pad by skiphop in chevron blue, nursing cloth made by mummy, aden + anais swaddle (used as a blankie, seat-cover, wipe up mess!), change of onesie, hand sanitizer, his passy, wipes & diaper. i have a theory about going out. the easier it is for you to pack your bubsie, the more likely you are to bring him out. so we try to simplify this process as we go along, only bringing along the essentials.

:: for the mama ::

hair tie :: my hair is always in a ponytail. so i have a hairtie around my wrist at all time.

 iphone & app :: i use babyconnect to help log his feeds, naps & diaper changes. it saves me from having to write everything down. also my memory is still as small as a goldfish's. we synced this app with all our devices so daniel updates it after his midnight feeds!! (thanks, honey!)

an awesome husband :: great for midnight feeds, bath-time, nappy duties, sorting out insurance, online research and to hold you when you get all teary-eyed and emo.. oh! and to share the guilt of a midnight snack after the baby's tucked in.

a lot of help :: initially, we wanted to do it all! but i've slowly come to realize that it takes a village to raise a child! we now ask my folks to babysit so i can pop out for errands or go on dates. and we go home to mum's place once a week for a change of scenery!! we also have my mother in law coming for an extended stay so we take a break, start dancing and sleep in a bit more! you'd be surprised how many people won't mind holding your child while you take a long soak in the tub!!


that's all i can think of right now! hope this list helps you new mommies to prepare for your first few months! it sounded really overwhelming when we were pregnant so we kinda waited until we needed something before we bought it. not the best solution for everyone i know but that really helps us save costs, cut down clutter and keep the baby happy!

if there're any favorite baby products you can think of and would like to share, please holler!
i'll update this list periodically adding in things that work for me! 



  1. Thanks for sharing your journey with Blakie all this while. I really appreciate it especially since I am a new mommy of a 2.5 weeks old baby girl.

    All the best there with Blakie and may God bless our journeys as mommies :)

    1. oh angela! :) you have no idea how much your message made be smile!! lotsa warm and fuzzy hugs to your baby girl!

      hope you're enjoying being a mama! xx

  2. Hi gorgeous! A very belated CONGRATULATIONS! I'm loving reading about Blake and am bookmarking this post and the previous one for when it's my turn! Lots of blog love! xx


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