Tuesday, December 4, 2012

eats :: a bit of cheese

we've been trying to eat healthier at home recently, loading up lots of juices and calcium and all that good stuff! this is a far cry from the way our fridge used to be. i remember having friends over once and confessing "urm guys! we have champagne, cereal, chips and beer... everything else we'd have to pick up from the grocery store." lmao.

one of the yummy things that the husband cooks up is yummy haloumi cheese! i love the squeaky texture of this cheese and would always order it when we are out. but its so easypeasy to prepare, i don't know if it still counts as cooking.


we usually pick up a block of haloumi from our grocery store prepacked, pan-fry, crack fresh pepper over it and serve on a bed of salad or whatever greens we have in the fridge.

**bonus points to the husband for always plating it so pretty! 



  1. wow... looks good... i've never tried it!
    doesn't it melt when you pan fry?

    1. nope it doesn't melt! :)

      i tried it for the first time in a greek resto in melbourne with my mother in law and have been a huge fan ever since! :)


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