Friday, December 21, 2012

dear musashi...

dear musashi, 

it has been two years since we brought you into our little home and every single day we thank our lucky stars that they chose you to send to us. from your fabric obsession to your need for daily snuggles, we can't think of a better fit for our family. you're the best decision ever.

talking about your past makes me a little sad. because it makes me wish we had you as a little puppy so we have six extra years with you but i've always wondered. when we took you home... we knew that you caught the train over from osaka, lived with a whole bunch of cats (which explains why you think you're one yourself, huh?) and you were missing some teeth. your adoption papers declared you a maltese but it didn't explain why you were so tiny!

then that night, in the middle of the night, it struck me! you're possibly a cross between maltese and yorkies!!! why didn't we think of it! of course, i woke your papi up immediately to tell him. and wouldn't let him go back to bed until he agreed that you do bear resemblance to your little yorkie friend, maki! :)

we are also extra proud that you made it through your flight over from japan. in fact, i think you dealt with it much better than your mama. who spent the whole flight white-knuckled and queasy in the tummy from worrying for you. we hope you don't miss japan too much and like your new home in singapore. even though singapore's too warm for your fancy clothes, you know that you have many auntie and uncles who love you like crazy here.

 we are also thankful that you're so gentle with your new brother. who is fussy and noisy. and like you, we don't always understand what makes him upset. but without fail, you faithfully sit at his feet and watch over him when he naps. i should learn a little more patience from you. 

just the other night, i took the fussy one to sleep in the guestroom because he was creating a ruckus and i didn't want to wake you boys up. when i woke up in the morning, all of us were snuggled in the warm stuffy bed together. papi told me that you woke him up and made him move over to snuggle. poor papi wasn't amused because he really needs to sleep in.. but oh so darling of you!

oh muumuu, i could spend all day telling adorable stories about you. but you were the first thing that transformed us from two people to a family. and you little munchkin taught us how to love. so thank you for choosing us as your peeps. we're so proud to be yours! we love you endlessly, punkin! :) 

happy anniversary, musashi!

mami, papi & blake


  1. Aww..That made me tear up. Happy Anniversary Muu! ❤lighting

  2. I am beginning to understand how people can love their little puppies and kitties. We love our little Scuff-ster to BITS!

    1. hehe! :) they really grow onto you!! scruffy is sooo adorable! i can't wait to see how he looks when he is fully grown!! xx

  3. Maki and Mu are possibly long distance cousins?!?! :)

    1. maybe! :) they definitely have some common munchkin genes, huh?


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