Thursday, November 29, 2012

the littlest :: his first mousie

a few months ago, i received an unexpected email from linda of lindapendante dreams. she wrote to me about being a mama, about loving little boys and wanted to make a few little pieces for blakieboo. we had so much fun pouring over patterns and picking colors (and i sobbed a little over the warm singapore weather that didn't have any use for gorgeous warm knits... )

and today, this came in the mail all the way from canada! 

three soft-as-sheep hats, pair of sockies, some booties and one cuddly mousie! :) 
aren't they adorable to the max?
but given musashi's penchant for chewing off grey ears
im hiding them from the furry one.

but couldn't help trying one on blake this morning!

his hand-made mousie came dressed in the tiniest hooded sweater!
seconds after this picture, the littlest grabbed it and popped the ears right into his mouth.
*sigh* must be in his genes... 

thank you, linda for thinking of us!



  1. Adorable. He has big puppy dog eyes!

  2. oh my gosh that little mouse hat is adorable!

  3. How adorable is blakie in that hat! Such a beautiful baby <3


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