Friday, November 16, 2012

{the little things}

im feeling a little flat this week from doing many little things. nothing really spectacular to shout out from the mountain top but all daily necessities that aren't too sexy! (i hate you, dirty pile of laundry!) and a little bit of me is guilty for thinking "man! i can't wait for this puke-down-my-top, clingy-puppydog-on-my-lap period of my life to pass." 

but at the same time i know that i'd be sad when it's really over because i'll miss all the lovely baby smells, the tiny hugs and little glimpses of a smile in the making. and oh those cute little grunts when he's feeding. so im going to take this weekend to re-focus on the little details. and the little things. and the little people. and breathe it all in now.

here's wishing you a blissful and lovely weekend! 



  1. aww... it will pass! hang in there! there's usually a bit of adjustment to make for the first kid. we learn together with our kids, haha. it's easy to fall into that parental-guilt-trap, but please don't! just know that you're doing your best and enjoy the journey - ups and downs and all! you're doing a great mommy job!

    1. awwww. thanks so much for your encouragement! sucks that after doing so much, i can't help but feel like i could do better/more! *sigh*


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