Monday, November 12, 2012

{in gratitude}

because i was adamant about not following confinement practices, 
i didn't hire any help.
so mum offered to come around everyday to help.

i was initially apprehensive.
mostly because we've lived by ourselves for so long...
so it felt weird to have someone come by everyday.
(and a little prideful that i could totes handle a baby myself)

but turns out to be such a blessing.
with mum, she was more than an extra pair of hands.

she brought a whole tonne of love and joy. the boys LOVE her company. and when i had my hands full with blake, she would cuddle muu-muu. she split my confinement lunch with me, agreeing that its way too much ginger to consume. we chatted. she told me hilarious stories of the three of us growing up. i learnt so much about her i never knew before. she brought her sewing machine and we crafted the afternoons away while the boys napped. we sneakily had the air-con running. we ate "naughty" food together. we laughed at how the husband is a much better parent than i am. and we took turns to babysit while the other goes shopping. 

 {hand-quilted for blake by grandma}

but mostly, im so glad to share my first moments of motherhood with my own mummy.
i think im gonna miss that bit the most when this month is over! 

{muu got his own color-coordinated blankie}

ma, thanks for everything! 
our boys are so lucky to grow up with a grandma like you!
we love you tonnes!


  1. great post!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because love your blog!!

  2. i started appreciating my mum a WHOLE LOT more after thaddeus' arrival and when teanne arrived, i knew i could only survive because i am staying with my family. ;p

    1. I guess they really know what they're talking about when they threatened "wait till you become a parent yourself!!" Haha!! ;) really twists your heart in so many directions!! ;)

  3. I felt the same too, and still do , we swoon over Lucas and gloat about how clever he is, just today!

    1. Haha!! Good to have another person hopelessly infatuated with your little munchkin, huh?!

  4. sorry, this is parenting unrelated but i LOVE THAT QUILT!! i'm going to steal and try to replicate!! it's so pwetty!!! love the chevron design and color palette!!! lucky blakey!

    1. yayy!! someone noticed!! i love it too!!! and have fun making it!! i wanna see it when you're done!!


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