Friday, November 9, 2012

{happy birthday, mister}

its absolutely amazing thing to see the boy you had the longest crush on, set up a few beautiful homes , married under the glow of candlelight and danced in the rain with... turn into the father of your baby. the first day he held blake in his hands in pride, i melted into a hopeless puddle.

unlike myself, he has really taken on this task of being someone's daddy really naturally. when i throw in the towel and give up on soothing the little sobby one, he always steps in with something completely genius and patient. (seriously, why didn't i think of singing to him. or taking him for walkies. or blabber in sympathy because all he needed was someone to talk to?) and then he turns around and lulls me to sleep.

but there is not one thing i'd trade to miss out on witnessing this every morning.

most of all, it make me tear up in pride that my little boys (musashi too) are growing up with such an awesome friend and father figure. if they turn out as kind and loving as their papi, i know i've done a decent job. 

to the love of my life, happy birthday! 
you've really made our world a much better place! 

we love you lots xx,
me, muumuu & blake.


  1. Happy birthday Daniel!! Hope you're having the most amazing time being a daddy! Congratulations, it sounds like you're doing a fabulous job!!

  2. Aww didn't realise it was his birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Daniel! 1st month celebrations and birthday... what a big day you've had :)

  3. this post makes me melt too.. :)


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