Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{gold pig bookends}

this smug little gold pig puts a smile on my face. 

im a little too excited that CB2 is making its way to us!
 in fact, im so thrilled i've even penciled it down in my calendar.



  1. Oh no... dangerous... that means risk of buying cute things i don't need...

    Love the origami owl... SO cute!

  2. indeed! the main brand crate and barrel is coming too!! i die...

  3. awesome! i feel like half our apartment was furnished by CB2, and same with many of my colleagues! i actually prefer CB2 to crate & barrel since i think their aesthetic is more modern. west elm is great too -- a little more rustic-chic.

    1. oooooh! :) great minds think alike! i was this close to shipping their acrylic tables and chairs over from usa (the shipping costs were ridic!) but found something similar in muji here!

      i LOVE west elm too! they've got the entertaining and diningware!


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