Friday, November 30, 2012

eats :: forty hands

i love how singapore comes up with new "cool" spots to hangout ever so often. not too long ago it was the area around bukit timah saddle club and there was dempsey.. and for a while haji lane. recently we keep hearing people rave about cafes and cute lil shops in tiong bahru....

downside to all these trendy haunts is the crowds they attract on weekends.
by the time we mobilize the troops, we are usually stuck waiting for hours which i completely can't deal with...

so we popped in on a quiet weekday morning to check it out.. 

we had my mother in law visit us so it was nice to take her to somewhere other than orchard. we kinda felt bad because we didn't get to bring her around much and she is always babysitting blake while we run errands. there are a few cafes we're dying to visit but this morning, we chose forty hands for a hot cuppa. 

shame they don't do de-caf. so i stuck to hot chocolate...
(i do sneak a coffee here and there...)

we were also amused by the "asian sliders", which is just kong ba pau but the marketing was excellent and im such a sucker for cute ads. so we ordered a serve of "asian sliders" which came out piping hot with a generous serve of soft melty pork... so scrummy i wished i had more bun to mop up the sauce! :)

blakieboo approves...

it was such a cute place. and so interesting to see these chic cafes pop up in between more traditional stores. im sure we'd be back soon to check out their sausages on weekends for brunch. 

speaking of the weekend, we're headed to padang with the littles to cheer daniel on at the singapore marathon. a billion sweaty runners, screaming children (mine included), freakishly early start time, loud thumping music... here we come! oh. fun times...



  1. so smart of you to check out forty hands on a weekday! i went on a weekend afternoon and i swore that it was the last time i would ever step into that place. in fact, the chillax spot opposite caught my eye!

    1. yeah! weekday mornings aren't that bad! still rather full in the a/c area but we got a seat pretty quickly!

      what's the chillax spot opposite?

    2. SocialHaus!

      It looked really nice to chill as I walked past. Did you check out Books Actually?

    3. ooooo i saw socialhaus, books actually and stranglets! that i really wanted to check out. but didn't get to go in because of dear muumuu!

      but i'll defo be back!!

  2. You guys have been so active even with Blake! You're more active with Blake than we are without any children. lol Good luck on the marathon, Daniel! Haha Getting Blake started early surrounded by the marathon atmosphere?

    1. daniel says thanks! :) if we win big, we'll buy air tickets to japan this new year!

      im sure blake would be hot and bothered. and in disbelief that people would run in the singaporean heat. (or maybe that would just be his mama!)

  3. Arh should have read this earlier.. would hv offered u passes to the tent where you could cheer daniel on ;) Next year then?


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