Wednesday, November 14, 2012

crafts :: diy tent for wee little ones

over the weekend, our littlest one grew up right before our eyes. 

we now have little smirks and smiles in exchange for blowing raspberries on his tummy. and when you touch nosies with him, he does this adorable deliberate blink. its hilarious! the little progress makes me ambitiously hopeful that the day he can interact with us is right around the corner!! :)

and when he does, i'm planning to make the littles a little tent to share 
to hide all their wee belongings and treats...


 and snuggle in to read a book or take a nap..

 maybe string a few fairy lights so they can go camping innit...
i remember all the little conversations i shared with my brothers when we went camping in our garden. my parents would watch our flickering lights from the living room. we'd never sleep very well but always had so much fun pretending we're out in the wild...

maybe they'll enjoy s'mores. or maybe they'll like horror stories read to them to spook them out. or watch a movie on the wall... oh the possibilities!! 
im mostly excited to see everything through their little eyes but a little part of me is jealous of the fun they'll have. and the endless opportunities the world has to offer.  

p.s. i had a complete wuss-ball mommy moment yesterday evening. in trying to calm him down for bedtime, i resorted to offering him a pacifier. he took to it rather easily and calmed down (which was a relief) but i realized it meant that he didn't need me. and got a little sad. daniel was completely baffled at how emotional that experience was. good luck to the day he leaves for college. 



  1. I just love these tents. I think the lace one at the bottom is my favorite. I love the idea of stringing lights in it.

    And don't worry, you're little one still needs you in more ways than you know. :)

    1. i like the lace one too! bonus point for being able to peek in and checking on what they're up to!

  2. They should never leave home! Especially if the distance exceeds six kilometers!

    I love those tent ideas. We just hung sheets in the most interesting configurations, using couches and pillows and chairs.


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