Monday, November 19, 2012

crafts :: diy nursing cloth

im kinda ashamed that all my crafts have gone to babytown! 

terribly unexciting to some of y'all out there and i've never been so babied-out! but hopefully we're starting to get the hang of things and start crafting fun (non-baby) things again.. 

one of the things my mom made me which was particularly overused is my nursing cloth. each time we took blake out, i'd tuck it into my purse for emergency feeds. the first few were made with pretty fabric but simple in design. so we thought to jazz things up a little and make a frilly version!

i love the little pockets she added to the cover so i can hold the bub in place without flashing everyone around me!

guess whose under the cover?

hello muu-beans!!

i can't wait to use this fancy cover on the go!  



  1. Replies
    1. my mom came up with all the ideas! she's brilliant like that!

  2. this is so adorable! yay for being able to DIY! i had to buy my nursing cover, but was still too shy to use it. i stuck to shopping centres only with nursing rooms for a pretty long while!

    1. i wished i had that amount of leeway with blake! he goes from passed out to screaming hungry in two seconds! hardly any time to run to the nursing room!


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