Thursday, November 1, 2012

crafts :: children's cape tutorial

this fun project is suitable for beginner sewist! its super simple and definitely a fun addition to any child's (or adult) wardrobe. hope my instructions make sense!

::what you need::

(1) piece of felt (for mask)
(1) long piece of ribbon/fabric
(1) dark fabric for top layer
(1) fun fabric for under layer
(30) mins

measure your child/dog from neck to tailbone. that would be the height of your cape. 
the width is height x 1.5 times. start sewing by facing the front of both fabrics together. 

flip the fabric inside out and iron the edges.

sew around the edges

 create box pleats by pinning fabric 2 inches. 

using the ribbon/long fabric, make a cord leaving the middle portion open (A).

mark the middle line with a little triangle cut to match the cape. 
attach ribbon to cape folding the loose end into the opened ribbon (A).

 and you're done!

multiply that by two for secret bandit accomplice

fits great on muu! but maybe we need to ease up on the bow. 
this little one keeps tripping on it! :) 

happy crafting... 



  1. You are amazing! Gonna try this. Sean's been buggin me for a cape for ages!

    1. it would be too cute to have one for sean and one for ryan! :) can't wait to see it! xx

  2. Such a great idea :) Thanks for sharing!!



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