Monday, October 15, 2012

some weekends...

how was your weekend?
our weekend was spent like this. like the whole weekend.
it was fabulous!

just a few weekends ago, the husband shimmied into his old triathlon suits and geared up
for a little race at east coast park and we have some pictures to share!

his little supporter in team color..

i used to go to these races faithfully but now i have company!
we enjoyed breakfast on the beach, shared a movie on iphone 
and got excited about the men running past in slinky suits...
i mean.. we focused on spotting daniel in the crowd. 

this little one was so comfy he passed out on my lap for a good part of the race. 
he likes wrapping his fuzzy body around the bump..
which is all very well. but SUPER warm in singapore heat. 

we positioned ourselves in a nice spot so 
we could catch daniel come round a few times..
"run him down, darling!" 

its kinda nice to get out there once in a while for some sunshine.
share some giggles and pack our muckiness back home for some fresh coconut
and a long glorious nap!

i hope we get to do that more in future!!



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