Friday, October 19, 2012

shades of grey...

im one of those a-type, absolute kinda girls. 
things have to always be black or white. no shades of grey.
which drives people around me nuts. even after so many years, my dad says 
"zhiying.. relax. its such a small thing..." in futility.
but he tries.

i painfully wanted a clean palette when it came to furnish our current apartment.
its like my last hurrah! before the baby poop and neon toys take over the world.
i thought it would be apt to own white furniture. 
 (despite warnings from everybody with a brain.)

the husband silently disagrees but chooses his battles.
the only thing he wanted was a massage chair. 
so i got him one in the most discreet color (and size).

but was awfully disappointed when it arrived. 
cos it sticks out like an ugly sore thumb.
im still slowly getting over it...

but his face while enjoying his daily massages is priceless.
and he professes his love for his chair so often 
its kinda cute. 

i guess i should be thankful i getta enjoy all the good stuff 
that comes with these little design glitches, right?
i mean.. its just a few variation in color, huh?

"yeah. get over it, mama!"



  1. White furniture is lovely, I love how clean it looks! But unfortunately I can't keep it clean and I'm not even a baby...

    Hahaha massage chairs are unfortunately not particularly attractive. I wonder if they should team up with a fabulous furniture designer and make one that looks nice?

    1. they really should! they (osim) had a recent collection with a designer but it came in this odd shade of green!! and was a little too try hard! :(

      oh well one day! :)

  2. haha.. muu fits right into your color scheme!

    btw whats the massage chair you got? it looks small and discreet... K has been asking for one for the longest time but all the Osim and Lazy Boy ones are ginormous.. i absolutely hate them

    1. he does! :) he's versatile like that with his dirty colored hair!

      that's an osim chair. its called usofa! they have a newer (larger) version but this one is more subtle...


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