Wednesday, October 24, 2012

party games :: a staring contest

once we're back in the swing of things, the first thing we want to do is to throw a party for our pals.
(that's if we still have pals by then.)
we're so desperate to be the "cool parents" that have friends over we're throwing every party trick we have into this one. 

on top of the fireworks, butler-passed canapes and cigar bar, 
we might need a few party games...

*light bulb moment*
how about a staring contest?!

:: here are my proposed rules ::
#1 - constant eye contact.
#2 - no throwing punches or goofy dancing allowed.
#3 - no trash talking

the first one to break out of the stare or giggle is out. 
and we keep playing tournament style we have a winner. 
i'll have a huge chalk board to tally the scores.

im so competitive i started training for it with daniel! (lol) 

wadaya reckon. would it work? 
should rule # 3 be allowed? 
would your pals have a fun time with this game? 
or is it lame?

::update:: our pals veto-ed this game plan. without mincing words, a girlfriend said 'ya.. ok why don't you save this game for you and daniel.' booo... maybe we stick to board games?


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