Monday, October 1, 2012

monday morning :: bathroom talk

one of my favorite rooms in a house is the bathroom. 
i reckon its a true sign of luxury!

one day i dream of mirrored vanity, perfume trays, marble, footed bathtubs, multiple sinks and a luxurious rain shower...
but till then, these amazing bathrooms from {this is glamorous} would have to suffice.

but i have an awesome life skill im awfully proud of...

as typical a girl i am, i take AMAZINGLY quick showers! 
like for real!! 

i shamelessly jump into the bathroom first, even when we have house guests because im THAT quick. and sometimes i apologize for having to take longer cos imma hafta wash my hair. but even then, im out wayyyy before my 10 min mark!

 i don't know how i acquired that skill but i reckon its from years of living in a large family and having limited bathroom time. we don't do this anymore (much) but we used to have a competition between the kids. the first to strip down gets first dibs. its a tactical game, that one.. because if you lose, you're left standing semi-naked and cold at the bathroom door waiting for your sibling to get done. 

sometimes if you're in a SUPER rush, you jump right in, 
even when your sibling is mid-shower... 

zero bathroom privacy.

daniel finds that downright appalling
but ahhh.. the things you miss out as a single child. ;)
oh wait, how did i end up sharing bathroom secrets with you!
right... luxurious baths! 
one day... we'll have a beautiful bath like that! 
and still have my brothers come over and crash, and leave a stream of clothes leading from the front door to the bathroom. and have a heap of giggles over that. 

one day! :)



  1. yes the luxurious bath, not all can have it, even me don't try it yet. You must be thankful:)

  2. Wow! I love it... Some time ago I had the opportunity to visit a bathroom gallery in London from Roca and I found a lot of things to build my perfect bathroom and toilet. If only I had a bigger house...!


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