Thursday, September 27, 2012


just when i thought my life was complicated enough...
now i gotta learn how to knit.

how adorbs are these little knitted softies?

i want a little cuddle companion! now!
(im sure my current cuddle companions will not be too pleased cos its getting crowded in bed but...)

when you have a face like this....

you always have a place in my cuddle zone... 

{all fuzzies from blablakids}




  1. Replies
    1. isn't it!? i'd totally get them for myself and not share!

  2. Oh my gosh great minds think alike! ;) I'm looking to learn how to knit too! Hopefully I'll be buying some needles next week to practise on some leftover yarn! Those softies look sooo adorbs!

    1. reeealy!? are you going to take classes? or learn from youtube?! i wanna try too!!!

  3. Going to try YouTube it first! :) and you?? I want to learn Continental knitting which seems scary to start but apparently its meant to be quicker and more efficient than 'English' knitting

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  5. MAN! you've done your research! instinctively youtube as well! but i have a love hate relationship with yarn now! its too warm to even sort through my collection so they're still lying in a storage box! :(

  6. You're tempting me! Somehow using 1 hook (crochet) is less scary.


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